curious to know the energetic and spiritual lingo? bridging souls coaching

Curious to know the energetic and spiritual lingo? It is not as confusing as you think.

Curious to know the energetic and spiritual lingo? It is not as confusing as you think

by Kaneesha

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what is Spiritual Lingo? breaking down terms for you


1. Inner child 

Oh, the term “inner child” is a commonly used word, however, not explained in the best way. It is not another personality you’ve created or a ghost living inside of you kinda thing. It is you, a younger you (childlike age), who was taught in life certain tools, good or not so good, which can be carried into adulthood. The word “inner child,” is also a psychological term used often. The inner child is a younger version of you who was not able to do or express what they wanted in their childhood. As your adult self, you can tell your younger self, which is you, that it is totally okay to express how you feel now. You are totally allowed. 

2. Spiritual awakening 

So spiritual awakening is not about getting an upgrade or power-up like DBZ (weeb fans out there, hi) It is about your level of consciousness shifting when it comes to spiritual topics. You may have heard it being described as Enlightenment. When you have awakened yourself, you begin to feel a shift within you. Only you know what that shift is. It could be a shift in your thought patterns, how you eat, how you speak to people, how you relate to others. It can be whatever you feel is a change for you. People think it is only spiritual and raising your vibration and yes that is part of it, however, it is about how you live your daily life; speaking to yourself, to others, how you respond to situations. Spiritual awakening can be what rings true with you. 

3. Womb healing 

Womb healing has different terms, and no it is not only for females or people who identified themselves as females. It can be for whomever, no matter their identity and pronouns. Womb healing is the pelvis area including your urinary system, the lower part of your digestive system, muscles, tissues, organs, blood. In other words, womb healing is for anyone. Womb healing can help with it getting back to you. So what the heck does that mean? Well, it means listening to you again. Really.

Womb work can also help shed toxicity in your life in a physical way: discharge and bowel movement. Emotionally: crying, screaming, yelling. Energetically: letting go of energy vampires and protecting yourself from unwanted attention. Womb healing can help with a variety of aspects of your life. Womb work is a good place to start when you feel you have lost yourself a bit (example: after having kids). When you connect with yourself through your womb, you realize how much you have missed out on not listening to yourself in the first place. 

4. Grounding 

Oh the fancy word: grounding. Grounding means to stay in the present moment. To elaborate, grounding is about being in the moment with whoever and whatever is going on, the good and the not so lovely. The good could be watching your kid drawing a picture and the bad could be your kids fighting over a toy. It can be anything, honestly. Grounding is about being in the now, in your body, feeling your emotions.

We live in a dissociative society right now with being on our phones A LOT and not living in the moment with yourself and your family. When was the last time you actually talked to your kids, just being around them, without your phone near you? Sometimes we tend to dissociate and not realize it. Grounding can help move through those uncomfortable emotions and physical sensations we feel. Give it a try and see a difference. 

5. Emotional and physical release 

The emotional and physical release can happen at the same time. Emotional release is feeling how you wanted to feel when you thought about a past event that had hurt you. The physical release is similar but on a physical level. Let’s say you went through a traumatic situation, yet could not express how you felt because maybe you were told you could not. So you hold it in. Your body remembers what it wanted to do, but couldn’t so it holds it in. Then years later, you remember the traumatic event and you begin to shake and cry. Maybe yell and stomp your feet. That is an emotional and physical release. 

6. Boundaries – Internal, External, Energetic

Boundaries are about learning your own limits within yourself and others. It can be limited in how you eat, talk to people, people talking to you, physical touch, anything really. Learning your own limits can protect you on an energetic level. To clarify, it means to have a distance between you and whomever. Space is your limit and sticks to the limit with this person. Setting a limit is an awesome feeling because you know you have a choice. 

7. Generational trauma 

Generational/family/ancestral trauma is through your family line. There are a variety of articles about how trauma can be passed down through our genes and how epigenetics, which I’ve talked about in a previous article, is about the environment turning the gene on. It could be a gene about diabetes, cancer, addiction, flight, fight, freeze, fawn response. Anything undoubtedly.

Generational trauma can stop with you in order to prevent it from being passed down to your children. If you pass down something to your children, you can adjust it for them as well, if they are willing. Remember, epigenetics is about the environment. When you break cycles in the family, you are not only helping yourself but your children’s future and your ancestors. Trust me, they will be grateful for you doing what they could not do. 

8. Intuition

Intuition has many synonyms: instincts, following your gut, knowing, mother’s instincts. Intuition is when you know to listen to yourself. Intuition can come in different forms. A symbol could be listening to your little voice in your head that says ‘wait for a second before pulling out of the parking spot’ then you see a car flying by. The physical sensation comes from your gut or your chest. There is a belief in seeing numbers back to back, also known as numerology. Intuition can come in different forms for every person, it is a matter of listening to it when it happens. 


I hope this list helped you understand the lingo when it comes to exploring the healing journey. Of course, there are more words out there, however, these are the common ones people use when talking about their healing journey. Let me know on Instagram if this article was valuable to you.  

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Curious to know the energetic and spiritual lingo? It is not as confusing as you think | Bridging Souls Coaching