What is Coaching?

Coaching is between the coach and the client. The client talks about issues they want to discuss. We collaborate together to figure out how to reach the client’s goal. Coaching is about the client, not the coach.

What does Bridging Souls Coaching look like?

During the coaching session, we discuss how there may be certain obstacles in your way from understanding your authentic self. In order to reach your goal, we have the understand your current self by connecting to your past self to help your future self.

What does Bridging Souls Coaching mean?

Bridging Souls Coaching is about reconnecting with yourself in mind, body, and spirit. If one of those things is not working, then the others will not work to their fullest potential. The body can consist of working out, eating healthy, taking a bath. The mind may consist of reading a new book a month, doing puzzles, breathing exercises. The spirit may consist of energy work, journaling, meditation. These are common examples of how to take care of the mind, body, and spirit.

The mind, body, and spirit is YOUR definition. The most common things people do to help themselves as a whole, may not resonate with you. So together, we will explore ways to help the three work in unison.

What does Energy Work session look like?

During our session, you may be on the video call with me. I tap into my intuition and let universal source (Goddess/God/Angels/Ancestors) guide me. I maybe guided to clear your aura and chakras. A visual may appear in my head that could mean something to you. I could be guided to used crystals to enhance what you need (such as grounding, self-esteem, love, abundance) and fill with positive intent.

Energy work is about being open-minded to universal positive intent for you to gain clarity in your mind, body, and spirit.

What is coaching not?

Coaching is NOT therapy. If I believe you need more assistance, I will refer you to see a therapist. I do not diagnose. I do not give a prescription. I do not tell you what to do with your life. You make the choices in your life.

Do you take insurance?

No, I do not take insurance. Credit card and cash only.

If you have questions that I did not answer, please contact me.