I was (still a little bit) a
shy gal.

I was born into a family who had their own family patterns that needed to be work on, but as a child, I did not understand that. 

I’ve learned over the years, it is about YOU as your adult self taking care of yourself and your younger parts. Seems like an odd thing to say, however, if you were to be a person who you needed most as a child, wouldn’t you want to try?

Looking back I can now see all the places where my anxiety, worry, and fear was coming from.

I can see where my mental health had its breaking point and express itself in a physical way. (I just did not know it yet. Nor did anyone around me.)

Through the ups and downs, going from doctor to doctor, I thought I was losing it. Like someone else was taking control of me and I did not know how to stop it.

I have learned to build resilence and determination to make a change in my life.

Some things have remained constant: 

  • I still get anxiety (especially at night). 
  • Physical flare ups here and there. 
  • Having self-doubt in this chaotic world.

The difference now is I understand how to ground myself, what I need for my body, and understanding what my limits are mentally and emotionlly. This makes my world SO much better. 

I no longer take things so personally. I am able to rely on myself intuitively and have a better perspective on situations.  And on tough days, I have a plan of what to do until I get myself together again.  Once I have myself back on track, I make awesome decisions.

Some personal things about me:

I love to read one new book a month. I enjoy watching anime (favorite is Yu Yu Hakusho) Level 2 Reiki practitioner. I am a licensed massage therapist. I would love to travel to Asia, specially South Korea since I have ancestors there. I love to learn new things overall. 

Most importantly, I would love to be a part of your healing journey!