The Skill of Mindfulness Beginning September 28th 2021

If you’re tired of the same ol’ crap and are ready to bring awareness in your life so that you can understand your inner self, acknowledge their ancestral lineage and prevent generational trauma from being passed down to their children then you are ready for The Skill of Mindfulness

Here's What To Expect:

Day 1: Awareness Of Your Surroundings: To evaluate your relationship with yourself and your children.

Day 2: Permission to Grieve: Expressing your feelings about your childhood to relieve body sensations.

Day 3: Mindfulness of Thoughts: Understanding thoughts about yourself and your children to break the family cycle.

Day 4: Permission to Imagine: Envisioning the life you want for yourself and your children.

Day 5: Taking the Step Into Your Self-Nurturing Journey: Exploring your own capabilities of starting your self-nurturing journey to break generational trauma.

September 28th 2021 Through October 2nd 2021 At 12:30PM EST

If You Are Ready To Get Rid of Mama Guilt And Become An Awesome Confident Mama Then Sign Up For The 5 Day Challenge Of The Skill Of Mindfulness.