Here's What No One Tells You About Grounding

by Kaneesha

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When it comes to grounding, we may think “be tall as a tree and be mellow and center 24/7” which is absolutely ridiculous. Grounding is about knowing your own ways of being in tune with yourself. When you are in tune with yourself, your boundaries with yourself and people will evolve. So, are you grounded? 

Find your grounding method that resonates with you 

Grounding means being in the present moment, whether that is a good or bad moment for you. Grounding does not have to be the typical visual stuff; that is one of the ways to be grounded. 

Being grounded can consist of your seven senses (yes there are seven senses) 

They are: 

  • Sight/Vision
  • Hearing/Auditory
  • Smell/Olfactory
  • Taste/Gustatory
  • Touch/Tactile
  • Vestibular /Movement
  • Proprioception/Body Position 


When you are looking into ways to ground yourself, you can use one or more of the seven senses. For instance, you can use hearing and movement, so you can listen to music and dance. It does not have to be only one sense. You can go with whatever you flow within the moment. 

Another example is to say you cannot dance since you are at work, maybe use visualization or smell (like your favorite essential oil) to help bring you back to the present. 

Finding out a variety of ways to ground you can help understand your boundaries 

When you are in the present moment, you will be able to understand your surroundings. Grounding can help you understand where you may need to adjust your boundaries with someone in your life and yourself.  

I had a friend who was having anxiety out of nowhere and when we talked about what was bothering her, she said she was upset about her relationship. When we talked deeper, it was because she was not grounded. She was taking in too much energy from her relationship with this person and not being present when encountering this person. She realized she was not grounded and did not have boundaries that resonated with her. 

As you can see from my friend, being in the present moment (while protecting yourself energetically) can help you understand your boundaries with anyone in your life. 

So what if I am not grounded

Well, ask yourself, are you okay not being grounded? Seriously think about it. Not being grounded means you can feel emotions that are probably not yours, to begin with, and may feel extremely exhausted by the end of the day. Maybe a bit agitated that you take it out on your partner, friend, kids, even your pet. Not being grounded can have people turn away from you and not want to deal with you period. Is this what you want? That is why it is important to be grounded. 

When you are grounded, you are in the present moment with your family, kids, pets, being outside in the breeze. It can bring you back to yourself. When you know your method of grounding, you will be able to have clarity on your boundaries with people.

Much love and high fives!

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