Welcome To Bridging Souls Coaching!

I am a mom who provides support for women who want to shed any toxicity, negativity, whatever that is not working for you anymore, to align yourself with you mind, body, soul and higher self.

The world is constantly changing and it can be difficult to navigate through the chaos. As your ally, my intent is to bring together spiritual seekers who are curious about learning different ways to support themselves being a soul on Earth. 

picture of kaneesha bridging souls coaching

Ready To Journey With Your Ancestors?

Does This Ring A Bell To You...

Don’t feel aligned with one-size-fits-all spiritual rules

You know deep down, there is more out there than you were taught about spiritual stuff

Feeling alone in your spiritual journey as a mama and thinking you’re the only one feeling this way 

Comparing your spiritual journey to others and feeling you aren’t doing enough soul searching 

If this resonates with you, then welcome!

Choose your own adventure to get started below

My Spiritual Journey:

Looking back I was an intuitive gal at a young age, but did not embrace that side of me. 

Growing up, it was about doing what I was told and stay in line without thinking about my emotions, and how I truly felt. In my early 20s, my mental health flared up which snowballed into physical issues. The doctors did not know what was wrong and said, “it is in your head.” Of course, through determination, I found someone to help me and I’ve been better ever since. 

During the messy mental health issues, I learned that the body can hold things in the nervous system. I decided to learn about the body, so I attended massage school, which continuously grew to where I am today:  Energy Facilitator Ally. 

Looking to Work With Me

When you and I work together, it is about being honest, compassionate, curious, and open with each other. I am an ally in the passenger seat on your journey and you are the driver ready to go explore. 

If this is something that piques your interest, schedule a session with me!