Generational Healing continues Through You


Let me know if this resonates with you...

  • Everything is going okay, even though deep down, you know something is ‘off’
  • Asking for help seems selfish, so you keep quiet
  • Feeling alone and think it is only happening to you
  • Looking at social media and comparing yourself to other moms

If this resonates with you - Welcome, you're in the right place!

Visualize learning to feel confident in setting boundaries, and speaking up for your needs, while taking care of those around you from a place of strength.

Being the hero of your own story again, not a side-kick to someone else’s life.

Envision that the end goal isn’t a destination, it’s a constant journey of self-discovery and change to keep improving future generations.

This is what Bridging Souls Coaching will encourage you to achieve one simple step at a time.

Identifying your own line aka boundaries

Boundaries are important for your self-care, having a voice, and knowing when you need help taking care of yourself and your family. How can you ask for support if you do not know your line? Identifying the lines that resonate with you is valuable so that you can step into your own potential. 

Enhancing your Intuition and Emotions

There is a saying about following “mother’s intuition,” but are you? Following your instincts can guide you into understanding yourself and your child’s needs so that you can live the life you envision for your child and yourself. 

Acknowledge your ancestral lineage

Ancestral Trauma can be passed down through the generations until someone, such as yourself, decides it stops with you. Not only will you begin to prevent passing down generational patterns, but bring awareness to the strengths your lineage has passed down to continue onto your child.

Reinforcing your energetic boundaries

Energetic Boundaries can come from your experience throughout life. It could someone cutting you off on the road to someone energetically  draining you (energy vampires!) Re-evaluating your energetic boundaries can bring clarity on what you choose to enter in your life. 

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