You're more than the label "Mama"

Let me know if this resonates with you...

  • Everything is going okay, even though deep down, mama, you know something is ‘off’
  • Asking for help seems selfish so you keep quiet
  • Feeling alone and think it is only happening to you
  • Looking at social media and comparing yourself to other moms

If this resonates with you - Welcome, you're in the right place!

Visualize learning how to communicate your needs as a mother such as identifying your own boundaries, and knowing when and how to ask for help.

Acknowledging when to take a moment for self-care through your own love language.

Envision learning how to follow your intuition so you can know what your baby needs and to take action, rather than going against your instincts because of other people's opinions.

This is what Bridging Souls Coaching will encourage you to achieve one simple step at a time.

Identifying your own line aka boundaries

Boundaries are important for your self-care, having a voice, and knowing when you need help taking care of your newborn. How can you ask for support if you do not know your line? Identifying the lines that resonate with you is valuable so that you can step into your own potential. 

Understanding your Intuition when it comes to Motherhood & Baby

There is a saying about following “mother’s intuition,” but are you? Following your instincts can guide you into understanding yourself and your newborn baby’s needs so that you can live the life you envision for your newborn and yourself. 

Expressing in an effective way of Communicating your Needs

Communication is an enormous deal when you need support from people such as your spouse, family members, friends, and even pets. Communicating your needs may not be understood by the people closes to you, which is why learning how to communicate in an effective way is beneficial for you to have clarity and unity in your support system.

Strengthening your Self-Confidence as a New Mama

There is too much noise when it comes to “how-to” take care of your newborn. Let me tell you, honestly mama, we are learning as we go. It is meaningful to have confidence in how to take care of your newborn so that you feel like an empowered mama. 

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